The Frozen Yogurt Market
Self Serve Frozen Yogurt is hot in California and is quickly moving east into Texas. Frozen yogurt of today is not the frozen yogurt of the 1980’s and the word is getting out FAST! Frozen yogurt stores are beginning to pop up all over, but none can compare to Tappy’s Yogurt. Tappy’s prides itself on providing the customer only the premium creamiest yogurt and only the highest quality toppings including our amazing selection of fruit which is cut and prepared fresh every morning.

Why Tappy’s
Tappy’s Yogurt offers their customers 16 premium yogurt flavors at a time and over 50 fresh toppings to choose from when creating their own unique yogurt creations.

Yes, our yogurt is exceptional and our toppings amazing, but that is not the only thing that makes Tappy’s special. All you have to do is walk into Tappy’s to know that Tappy’s has something more. Our exceptional customer service and immaculate store welcomes our customers and gives them a place to meet up with neighbors, celebrate report cards, put a perfect sweet ending to date night, or just hang out with friends. Tappy’s is about family, friends, and community.

Tappy’s is looking for highly motivated individuals who desire a fulfilling family-oriented venture. Tappy’s will provide the concept, design, operating systems, support, training, preferred pricing program and marketing expertise. You provide the energy, people skills, financial qualifications, and strong desire to own your very own Tappy’s Yogurt.

Licensing agreement
Because Tappy’s is interested in the business owner keeping the money they work so hard to earn, Tappy’s is NOT selling franchises. Instead, we are selling licensing agreements. For an upfront fee of $50,000, Tappy’s will license you to use the Tappy’s name for 5 years. Also, the licensing and consulting agreement will provide you with the concept, design, branding, business plan, help with site location, building layout, training, marketing, and operational ongoing support. Tappy’s wants you to be successful while at the same time growing the Tappy’s brand.

Tappy’s brand  
Business Plan  
Site location  
Building layout & design  
Preferred Pricing Program  
Complete Training Program  
Operational ongoing support

Financial info
Minimum Net Worth: $300,000
5 Year Licensing Agreement: $50,000
Total Investment: $500,000 / location